Engaging with the Word

Bible prophecy is not limited to the days in which they were spoken. It is not limited because the words written in it came from an infinite Being who is not confined by the boundaries of time.

God is not limited by time, neither is His word.The same word which performed in Genesis performs today – there is power in the word of God. This power is not trapped in an ancient book which is irrelevant for the present time. In fact, the word of God is more relevant now than it ever has been, making it the more necessary for us to tap into what it carries.

Following from a previous post on the running word, those who run the course of the Word engage prophetically with it. God does not only flow with the present time but He flows beyond into the future.

For this reason we have an assurance that the past is erased, the present is being shaped and the future is guaranteed in Jesus Christ. This is a firm establishment because Jesus is the Chief Word.

Jesus Christ never points us to the past because He gives us a now kind of hope. Since we have a now kind of hope, we can only hope better for the future.

There is a present glory and there is a future glory. As believers of Christ we are currently being transformed day by day into the image of the Son of God.

No matter how shrewd or no matter how amazing our past was, there is the promise of a better and exceedingly glorious future according to the word of God. Therefore it is necessary that we engage with the word of God not just merely reading or hearing it but also becoming partakers of it. In becoming partakers we discover knowledge, wisdom, healing and instructions for life through the word of God.

Pick up the word of God, read it, study it, submit to it, and do the word. In doing so, we are engaging prophetically with the word.

Engaging prophetically with the word positions us in a realm where we have the power to call and pull into being the things which do not exist as though they did. This can only be done in a supernatural realm – a God realm. In this realm, prayer gives us access, faith becomes the key for unlocking impossibilities, and grace gives us the ability to move into greater dimensions.


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