Access the Divine

There is an open invitation to access the divine today.

The divine carries together Gods presence, His essence, His ways and His works. There are two ways in which God may reveal Himself to us:

โ€œHe made known His ways to Moses, His acts to the children of Israel.โ€

Acts are solid, ways can be altered.

Acts show, ways are experienced.

God deliberately takes us through processes where we don’t simply focus on His works but rather our desire to know Him increases.

Everybody who believes in Jesus Christ has access to the riches of His glory, gifts, and works but there is far more to Him than what He gives.

To know Christ should be our ultimate goal – the number one purpose. To have and possess His person is the greatest prize.

It is easy to get caught up in the acts of God and ignore His person. He acts to reveal in order that we may:

  • Discover the Redeemer, not just the redemption.
  • Discover the Provider, not just provision.
  • Discover the Victor, not just victory.
  • Discover the Healer, not just healing.
  • Discover the Giver, not just the gift.

God has released an invitationย to all – an invitation into divine presence.

Picture this, the arms of God are always open and stretched out. The hand of God will always perform His acts therefore those who encounter the hand of God will experience the working power of God. However there are few who reach beyond the arms to actually embrace Him.

Here is a revelation: you cannot embrace God without embracing the body of Jesus Christ.

Embracing Him positions us in a place where our hearts are pressed against His warmth, our ears hear His heartbeat and His arm wraps around us in divine assurance.

There is a journey to take.

The way is made, the invitation is sent out. This invitation comes with the divine capacity to leave unnecessary distractions behind.

The way will lead us directly to the heart of a Father; a place of sonship and friendship.

Bible Quote Reference:
1. Psalm 103:7 – New King James Version (NKJV)

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