New Year Message

It’s a new year. Welcome to 2018.

Times are pressing now.

There has never been a weightier need to tap into the Divine than now.

There are a lot of noise and distractions around us in the world. It’s so easy to fall into the chaos of busyness, business, social media, chasing after everything and everyone except the person of Christ.

Everything outside the Divine is temporary. As established in the Chief Word post, anything outside the Word of God is prone to destruction. Yet there is a promise for a better and lasting dwelling place. It is a place in Jesus Christ.

This is the will of God and also my prayer for you.

“….that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.”

Its a new year – by all means set goals – engage passionately in life purposes and aspirations.

But most importantly, make every room in the house of your heart available for the Spirit of God to dwell and work. To dwell because Christ doesn’t come to visit but He comes to stay. To work because He’s on an eternal assignment to fulfil.

We’re moving into greatness and this year, when the Spirit of God has truly settled in our hearts, we’ll begin to experience a limitless power of the riches of His Self-manifestation.

Allow the capacity of your inner self to grow and become greater for the Divine this year. Allow God to manifest in banal, spectacular and supernatural ways. The banal because we can easily take for granted the micro details in places where He moves because we are likely to give the glory to others rather than to Him. The spectacular because others need to see the hand of God work in our lives. The supernatural because of His Divinity.

Happy New Year!


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