Running the Word

A king does not run to deliver a word but rather his word runs ahead of him. That word carries the same measure of power and authority regardless of his presence. This can be said about the word of God – it carries power and authority to run and deliver.

After all, “where the word of a king is, there is power; And who may say to him, “what are you doing?

The word of God has a path – a trajectory which it runs to fulfilment. Picture this, there are paths we choose to take through our decision making – they are not physical paths but we know these paths by our actions. It is the same way that the Word of God proceeds on paths which we do not see yet they become obvious when there is a fulfilment.

Today there is an important decision to make in life and that is to run the course of the word of God.

A psalmist said “I will run the course of Your word for You shall enlarge my heart.

We must run because the word of God runs very swiftly. The weight of authority carried in the word can be measured by the authority of the One who released it.

We are only able to run swiftly because God will expand the capacity of our heart. Whatever path the word choses, we ran on that path. We run on an existing path because where the word has been, every crooked path is made straight and rough roads are made smooth. The question then is, why do we choose another course to run in life? The course of the word is a way of truth and life; a way of righteousness and holiness; a way that leads to divine love and perfection. If the word of God is running these courses very swiftly, how can we catch it when we are crawling?

We walk with God but we run with His word.

The messenger of a king runs with his word because of the urgency of the message and because the word runs very swiftly, there is a clear urgency in that which it is set out to perform. This is a firm assurance that whatever God has spoken concerning our lives, there is an urgency for God to perform it.

The running with the Word is the ability to run with the heart and will of God because the word follows a path which is intimately connected with the will of God.

There are times when the heart constricts and hardens according to the storms and difficulties of life however the heart which is set on the path of the word of God will be enlarged to withstand life’s difficulties. Such a heart which is enlarged will not be succumbed by the plaques, arrows or tempests of life – far from it. The heart which is enlarged by the course of the word will have a greater capacity to impact without the pressing and negative influence of the world. It has the potential to carry a greater measure of love.

An enlarged heart is a willing heart.

A willing heart must constantly be enlarged in order to stay on the course of the word. The heart which stays on the course of the word is one which engages prophetically with the word.


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