One of the beauty of God’s Divinity is mystery.

While this divine attribute is beautiful and attractive, it is not easily embraced. Naturally, we find the divine things which we don’t understand threatening therefore they become foolishness in order for us to appear wiser.

“Yet the foolishness of God is wiser than men”

Mystery is beautiful in several ways because of the element of surprise. The element of surprise builds excitement, anticipation and hunger for more. Knowing that a situation we never had full control of turned out for our good is not luck but rather purposeful.

One thing that can truly hinder the innocence of the heart in embracing mystery is pride – thinking that we can and must have control over everything.

Mystery waits to be discovered.

No mystery is outside existence because God Himself is existence.

The answers we seek rests in Him and can be found in Him. His mystery is revealed in the place of His dwelling. For this reason, I thank God that He chose to make our bodies His dwelling place.

Mystery dwells in us.

Mystery beautifies us.

Mystery is simply evidence that there is more of Him and of life to be discovered.

Mystery is proof that what lies in us is greater than what we could ever imagine.

Because of this mystery, we are to be transformed and not conformed.

And so it is okay to live, not knowing what may lie ahead because this is the confidence we have – that He who has called us is faithful to go ahead to make crooked paths straight and rough roads smooth.


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