Knowing Love

The presence of Christ brings us into the reality of His love. Knowledge of His love can be intellectual and without experience. However there is a knowledge which comes by possession and experience. It is the kind that keeps us coming back to Him. Intellectually knowing the love of God can still cause an individual to remain in a place where they cannot experience that love.

Christ is not only for knowing, He is to be experienced. Experiencing Him is not dependant on what we do but rather having faith and trust that He is always working to draw us nearer. He is nearer because He is always present. What we then do is merely a response to His actions. After all, whatever He begins, He will see to it that it is complete.

There is a knowledge which puffs up and there is a knowledge which is rooted in the core of the heart where love dwells. Growing in the grace and knowledge of Christ is not merely knowing about His grace and love – no – it is a possession because His love builds up.

How do we love someone we cannot see? Have you not known, that Christ must first be present in order that the depth of His love may be experienced?

We love Him only because He first loved us.

We read about Him, we study Him, and the foundation of His love will be built. By knowing about Him, the Christ within, will bring into light the love we learn about. Christ within will know and approve the love of Christ in us when we see or experience it.  Afterall, the shadow of love which we see in the world, which many artistes sing about, can do nothing in making us experience true love.

Know His love.

Believe in His love.

Live out His love.

The love of Christ will always remain head knowledge until it is manifested. And when His love is manifested, it passes knowledge. Just as our knowledge of Christ will always be incomplete, His love remains a mystery because He is love. Though we don’t fully understand love, we embrace the mystery of love because it is a beautiful mystery.


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