The Present Christ

Consider the work Jesus did for mankind on the cross.

Consider the work He continues to do in heaven as Advocate and Intercessor.

Furthermore, consider what His Spirit is doing here on earth.

Now consider how present He is.

For anyone who does not believe in the divinity of Christ this will most likely be nonsense however, to those who believe, we know that Christ dwells in us. The message of the Gospel if it is to be fully embraced, cannot be limited to the idea of following Him, following His instructions, imitating Him, and any practices of such. These are all great, yet the blessing of His fullness cannot be limited only to His influence.

The message of the Gospel is not merely about Christ who died and resurrected but it is also about Christ who dwells in our hearts because we are His. The glory of faith lies in knowing that He is present always, not only when we are in some spiritually enthusiastic mood. In the darkest moments He is present; in joyful moments He is present. The indwelling Christ is not a blessing only because of influence but it is the presence of His own self.

The world offers the contrary of an indwelling Christ. Contemporary christianity presents a Christ who is present yet not residing. Spiritual christianity presents a residing Christ yet not acknowledged.

Christ seated at the right hand of God is glorious but Christ in me is the hope of glory.

There remains a mystery of His dwelling in us through the Holy Spirit. The beauty of this divine mystery rests in how the Holy Spirit enables and prepares our spirit for Christ Himself to dwell in us through His own Spirit.

Faith opens the door in our hearts that Christ may come in. Occasional encounters can become daily encounters if only we know by faith that He never departs when He comes through the door of our heart. He doesn’t come and go. He is not an occasional visitor – He comes to dwell. Only when we are willing to embrace His presence in the chambers of our heart will we discover that His majesty glories in dwelling.

How do we prepare the mud-huts of our being for such a Majesty? There is nothing we could ever do which is fitting enough for the King to dwell in us – rather the divine Spirit expands and dresses our spirit, making us capable of receiving an indwelling Christ.


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