Death and Resurrection

Languages express how we see things rather than the reality of those things. For example, there is a vision of darkness and disorder whenever death is brought up as a subject because it is seen as an end – a final omega. However the reality is “God is not a God of the dead but of the living”. Jesus Christ is the solid evidence of this truth.

Jesus as the Son of God was not the Christ without the resurrection. Had it not been the power that brought Him to life He would have been any other man. His death was a demonstration that wherever we see an end, it is an opportunity for a resurrection. Jesus lived to die and He died in order to live. This equates to distinguishing between life as we know it and life as He offers.

Life as we know it is full of activities, business, stress and many cares which mount to worrying. Life as He offers is casting the cares unto Him; a life where no one can judge you because He is the judge; a life of living the reality of the resurrection power.

Who was the mortal Jesus against death had it not been for the immortal Spirit of God? Had there not been a partnership between the mortal Jesus and the immortal Spirit of God, there would have been no resurrection or ascension. Partnership with the Spirit of God is a partnership for life because the Spirit of God is the Spirit of life. He brings life to the dead – He is the present Alpha at every omega.

On the third day after His death, the angels sat at the empty tomb and asked the crying Marys, “why do you look for the living among the dead?” I ask, why do you look for peace in chaos? Why do you look for love in hatred? Why do you look for joy among worries?

Knowing Jesus is knowing that He is resurrected. Knowing that He is resurrected is knowing that He is self-sufficient and those who come to Him experience that sufficiency.

The reality of Christ is that His Spirit brings us into a life beyond what we see – into a realm of the unseen where there are no limits.


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