Dreaming Realities

So far everything I have posted from purpose to the prize, are all knitted in a single tapestry. I pray, like the robe of God which fills His temple, we will continue to knit a colourful and glorious picture of the life we have been offered through Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is God but on earth He was fully man.  As a man, He walked the earth living out a different reality to those around Him.  It was a reality that enabled Him to sleep through a storm while others cried out in fear.  Today, He presents us with the same reality He lived as a man through His Spirit.

Believers of the Most High are always faced with two realities – the reality of the present world and the reality of the kingdom of God. The will of God is perfected in His kingdom, and the only way we can pull His reality into ours is if we dare to dream with Him.

One thing about the Creator of the universe is He is a dreamer, not in sleep because He does not slumber or sleep – but He is a dreamer. And because He is a dreamer, He plants god-size dreams into the hearts of men. He then builds those dreams through all who partner with Him.

“Every builder labours in vain unless God is the One building.”

Dreaming with God will require setting our “mind on things above and not on earthly things”. Partnering with Him will require us getting to know Him – spending time in His presence.

Knowledge of Christ without His person will puff up the heart, but relationship with Him requires patience and thus builds character.  His presence transforms and shapes our imagination. A sanctified mind is a ready screen for divine projection.

Part of the advantages of being made in His image and likeness is that we do not need to sleep to dream with Him. As long as the eyes of our heart are set on Him, as long as we dwell with Him, we become more like Him – we also become dreamers.  Our dreams move from building homes to shaping worlds.

A dream from God is an invitation to a dream with God. A dream with God is an invitation into divine partnership. Those who make the Most High their partner will have no limit to what they can achieve.

The reality of a god-size dream transcends any fantasy world because it is a reality of endless possibilities; where we “call those things which do not exist as though they did.”

A god-size dream is intimidating first to ourselves and to those around us. Ironically, this intimidation comes from seeing a fraction of the picture. For we know in part when He reveals to us. Revelation is a sign that He is ready to perform. As it stands, God has revealed and He is ready to perform, but who is ready to dream and partner with Him?


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