Life_The Competition

Is life a race? Is it a competition? Is it a race with self or is it a race against time? If life is a race, then everybody is running towards a goal. If everybody is running then there is bound to be competition. And if there is a competition then surely there is a prize.

Lack of knowledge concerning purpose will cause unnecessary competition. For example there is no need to compete someone who is looking for gold when you are after diamonds. So then what is the competition? Who is the competition with?

Has the thought of competition with God ever crossed your mind?

It sounds absurd – God is the competition? Then why bother? Is He not always going to be in the advantage? What chance do we stand to begin with? Precisely. Competition carries a negative connotation of rivalry so automatically the idea of competing with God is disregarded. However I’m painting a different picture about competition today (not one of rivalry).

Inasmuch as the thought may not cross our mind, we are either competing against God or competing with Him in life. Competition against Him is an act of rebellion; it is when we are not in line with Him. However competition with Him happens in joint partnership and brings glory to Him. This joint partnership can be broken down into two things; His aim and our aim.

His aim is to produce His godlike nature and character in us – the transformation into an image of His Son, Jesus Christ. Our aim is to allow transformation through surrender.

The reason for our creation was always greater than ourselves because it begun with “let us make man in Our image and in Our likeness…” Everything God does mirrors His image – for example, the beauty of our planet mirrors a power beyond science. Our achievements therefore mirror whatever image we are.

The question then is – in all the things achieved, do you see God or do you see yourself when you look at them all?


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