Of the Father

Desire is one of the strongest things of the human heart. The question is, what is desire? Is it simply a feeling – wishful thinking? When we break the word into syllables, ‘de’ means ‘of’ and ‘sire’ means ‘father’. With this definition, it is enough to say that associating desire with just an emotional state is truly missing the bigger picture. No – it is far greater than feelings and emotions. It is also bigger than aspirations.

It is able to trigger the need to exercise our will at any given point and at the same time it can become a magnetic pull of passion. It is almost impossible to achieve when there is no desire to achieve.

For starters there is a burning desire within every individual for a father’s love. Knitted within the complicated nest of our soul, our need to pursue anything in life is an attribute from an original source – a heavenly Father.

In our fallen state, sin perverts this attribute to suit selfish needs however continued fellowship with God shapes and transforms our desires.

Awareness of identity plugs into the growth and transformation of our desires. Wherever there is an identity crisis will result in confusion and mismanagement of desire. I mentioned in my previous post that purpose does not determine our identity. If we were identified by our purpose then it would mean that in the process of discovering our purpose, our identity would change every time we made a discovery. That would result in instability. It is not enough to know who we are – it is far better to posses that truth and walk in it.

In light of the prophetic, desire is birthed out of love – in communion with the Father of love, rather than through selfish ambition. It has to grow because love is larger than self and stretches beyond the borders of time. This is why the fulfilment of the God given purpose leaves a legacy for generations to come. The desires of God are larger than now and the future because He is eternal. When desire is turned inward toward ourselves, it has no root and therefore will not stand – it becomes very destructive.

There is a Father who is willing to open up His heart’s desire to us and so it is not the greatest desires which have to be committed to Him.

“In all your ways, acknowledge Him and He will give you the desires of your heart.”

The religious approach in handling desires causes us to discard them in the name of surrendering to the will of God. Yet total surrender brings forth a dialogue. The dialogue begins with God imprinting His desires on our hearts. In the process of this dialogue, intentions connected to our desires will change. Since God is greater, there will be a transformation which will result in dreams larger than life as we know it.


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