Identity apart from the Creator is false. To say that we have no root is to say that we are objects and therefore everything we do in life is pointless. And if what we do in life becomes pointless then it means killing, murder and everything bad is justified because people are only relevant whilst they are alive. Furthermore, what would be the whole point of life to begin with? This is a dangerous lie. Science should be celebrated, yet it cannot replace the truth. In its glory, it provides factual data which opens up more questions – for example, the account of creation – surely the beauty of our planet and the universe cannot be the result of an accident.

The Creator of the universe has the form of man yet everything about Him is far greater than man. I mentioned that our identity is discovered when the prophetic light is switched on in my post about purpose. Prophecy is not assumptions or guess work, it is a surety. In a world where everybody wants to be in light of others, there are very few who stand within the light of who they truly are.

In order to identify who we are, we must first look at our image beyond the natural. Our image is not rooted in our parents but rather in a Creator. Parents gave birth to flesh, but the Spirit of God gives birth to the spirit of man. Parents know a child only at the point of conception and after birth. However God knows the spirit of a person before it is formed in the mother’s womb.

Who were you before you were formed in your mother’s womb? Who have you become after parental and worldly influence? Who do you intend to become before death? Lastly, who will you be after the death of the flesh? We know who we are as far as when we were born. The person we continue being after death is one that this world cannot imagine and cater for. When the flesh goes back to the soil, the spirit will have to stand before the Spirit to make an account.

“That which is born of the flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit.”

If so, then a sure identity must be acquired- one which does not rely on an image from this world. Spiritual identity can only come from One who is Spirit. Having an identity from the world results in spiritual orphanage. The Father offers sonship to anyone who is willing to join the family of God, through Jesus Christ.

“If any man be in Christ, he is a new creation.”

There is no sonship without a spiritual birth. Without Christ there is no spiritual birth and without faith, there is no Christ. Christ gives Himself to us so that we establish a god-like identity from Him.


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