A Walk Together

Pursuit of a divine purpose is fulfilling however, in the process there come moments of sorrow and loneliness. A point where being singled out in the midst of the multitude becomes apparent. Nobody understands. The loneliness that engulfs the heart becomes an invitation into divine companionship – a walk with God. Which then strikes the question –

“can two walk together unless they are agreed?”

Can divinity walk with humanity? Can there be a mutual agreement between the finite and the infinite? Can you walk in purpose without walking with the purpose giver? There is something more pressing because without God, everything is without reason. The idea of pursuing purpose is desirable and by all means it is a must, however it involves a walk of companionship.

The blessed aspect of this walk involves, walking before Him – this often comes with much uncertainty on our part but there is a safe assurance that a trusted figure has His eyes on us always. There is also a walking after Him where the assurance of direction and guidance is ascertain because it’s a matter of following the path He lays ahead. Then above all is a walking with Him, side by side. This is where conversations happen. It is the place where there is a constant awareness of His divine presence.

“His presence kills loneliness, guides and fills us up.”

The call for a walk together with God is a call for communication. Do friends not converse in the process of walking? There will be talks about minor details of life, perhaps about chocolate trifles as well as talks about the deepest desires. In the process of walking with God, there will also be present, His sovereignty over our sorrow and loneliness.

The decision to walk with Him is to seek friendship with Him. We cannot walk with Him unless we know He is infinitely capable. He cannot walk with us unless He knows we are perpetually weak. This is where the decision of a mutual agreement meets.

Our agreement ensures that in walking with God, our hearts will be exposed to Him and His to us. If purpose is the reason for our living, then what separates it from life? Life is a hidden treasure to be discovered. Though it is hidden, it is also in reach.

Agree to lose the life we are striving for in order to pick up the life Christ has already died for. For we died and our life is hidden with Christ in God. Can two walk together unless they are agreed – the decision between life as we know it and life as He offers begins with a decision to walk with Him.


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