Discovering Purpose

Something within everybody yearns for a father’s love and approval. If you haven’t done so already, check out my post on the Father’s approval to get a backdrop for the picture I’m trying to paint here.

There is a question that pops up constantly and though it may be worded differently it still points to one streaming puzzle in the flow of our thoughts – ‘what is my purpose?’ This is the nagging question that pokes everybody at some point in life.

Purpose does not define who we are. It defines our potential and determines our zeal. Yet identity plays a big role in the discovering of our purpose because knowing who we are and where we are from opens the door to purpose. We know who we are by identifying first who our Creator is.  In knowing who the Creator is, helps to identify our root.

The testimony of Jesus Christ is the spirit of prophecy so that means anything that testifies of Jesus is prophetic. The word of God from beginning to end is a testimony of the journey of a saviour God. Wherever the word is spoken, a prophetic light is switched on.

“The prophetic light first exposes and then points us to an original Source beyond ourselves.”

This light will shine on anybody who steps in it and the individual will then be exposed to their life purpose in light of the prophetic. Identity must be discovered in light of the prophetic and purpose must be possessed and lived out by faith.

Within the light is where true desires are birthed. It is a place of friendship and mutual communion between God and man, where the great empowers the least. The exposure that the prophetic light brings is for growth and guidance. Whilst the light will expose the deepest things of the heart, there will be a discovery that there is also present, a love that will cover the multitude of shameful, condemning sins.

Under this light, there is no fear of discovery because there will be an assurance of guidance from a loving Father. This is so that we come to fully embrace our inheritance and walk in our calling with confidence.

Purpose lived outside the light of the prophetic is orphaned and poor because it hasn’t been exposed to its full potential.

It is important to live a life of purpose because true purpose leaves a legacy of the Father’s heart for generations to come.


4 thoughts on “Discovering Purpose

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