On Holiness

God is love

God is good

God is righteous

God is a judge

God is merciful

God is holy holy holy

There is a place to strive to be, and it is the place of holiness where there is a burning. The burning is found first in His eyes. This burning can also be found on the Messiah’s ministers because He made them a flame of fire.

It is not by chance that the head of the ascended Christ is as white as snow with eyes like a flame of fire.  The eyes of the risen Christ are like a flame of fire because the flame within Him can only but come out of the gateway that envisions hope for mankind. The fire is a sign of holiness and His holiness positions Him in a league of His own. It is an attribute that required the greatest sacrifice in order for mankind to inherit it. As we inherit, we must then walk in it. There was never a moment when righteous individuals were regarded as holy. “If eyes could kill” – Only eyes of fire can kill the wretchedness of sin.

If the eyes are the entry way to the heart then without the flames of purity, everything that passes through the eyes can easily tarnish the purest of hearts. And so there is a need for a burning. Seeing through the eyes of Christ assures victory in the struggle with sin when Christ is rightfully exalted as the head.

And so the blood of Jesus Christ first cleanses our whole being – body, soul and spirit. His word will continue the cleansing process in order that our feet may remain clean when indeed we stumble to places of filth. In that moment the Spirit of burning must be present, in order to burn within our hearts a holy fire. His flames will travel up the pathways and burn all the filth that clog the arteries of our spiritual heart and thus kindling a holy passion to pursue God.  Only then will the cloud of the Messiah’s glory be an everlasting covering.


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