The One

There are some things which are difficult to explain and somehow it is almost insulting to try.  Faith is one of those things because it can easily be mistaken for foolishness or pride. Except, faith is never anchored to the lesser but always to something greater.  The source of faith is the assurance of great outcome. For this reason, in a few words I choose to boast of the Source of my faith.

His presence is a miracle
His grace offends religion
His mystery annoys intellects
His sovereignty is a wonder
His reign is eternal
His strength is for the humble
His eyes are like fire
His holiness is a weapon
His love never fails
His identity is sure
His personality is sublime
His redemption is sacrificial
His sacrifice is incomparable
His power is creative
His guidance is prophetic
His service is tested
His reward is for the humble
His foolishness is wiser than our wisdom
His wisdom is above riches
His understanding is unsearchable
His righteousness is perfect
His glory is in His name
His truth is a shield
His goodness is His glory
His root is mercy
His mercy endures forever
His favour is unfair
His word is alive
His Spirit is life
His heart is a treasure
He is sufficient
He is Almighty
He is The One
He is Jesus Christ, the Son of the Most High


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