Voice over Waters

There are many voices but there is one distinct voice. It is a voice of power, authority and majesty. In every situation there are voices that creep in to join other multitude of voices in our surrounding, which can painfully traverse into our mind.  Its natural because everybody has something to say.

Our own voices can become oppositions in pursuits of peace. Yet there is one voice which remains an acceptable winner in any given situation. Truly, non can be compared.

Some voices bring irritation but this voice calms the soul. Some voices are loud and annoying but this one voice thunders with power.

The voice of God which divides flames of fire also brings peace and clarity in storms. The same voice of God which shakes the wilderness is full of majesty.

In every storm He is the still small voice that brings peace.

In every wilderness He is the voice of direction.

In every accusation He is the voice that silences the accuser.

In every chaos He is the creative voice that brings order and beauty.

In every conscience He is the voice that tells you to do good and not evil.

In every heart He is the voice that cries out for relationship and love.

In every doubt He is the voice of faith.

In every lie He is the voice of truth that gives us an option.

In every area of life He is the voice of authority, undeniably humble and not intrusive in anyway.

Today if you hear His voice, do not harden your heart because His voice is a better director of life than any other voice.


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