The art of dwelling in the beauty of His love is to dwell in a place where we lose ourselves as His divine essence overshadows us. 

There truly is no better place than to know that His presence not only protects but He becomes the all sufficient One, removing vain desires from our parasitic hearts.  It is the place in His heart where we discover that His desire exceeds treasures of this fallen world.  It is a place where the hunger of our empty souls find contentment.

The never-ending robe of His glory wraps us beyond our passions and our deepest desires.  We realise more and more that He Himself is the all sufficient desire of our hearts. 

The beauty of dwelling with Him is so that we align ourselves with His will, in order to co-labor according to His purpose.  Because of our fallen nature, everything about us may seek to break away from everything about Him.  Yet all the while, everything about Him seeks to pull us into mutual union with Himself.

The union with Him through the Holy Spirit goes beyond the natural definition and concept of mutual symbiosis.  In order that His original intent may be carried out, we practice His presence – we pause in the business of our daily activities to acknowledge Him.  

If a man was able to walk with God and get caught up into a realm of glory where he disappears from the face of the earth, then how much more those who carry His very presence?

The Lion wanted to dwell with the lamb – and so the Lion became a lamb in order to dwell with the sheepfold.  Jesus Christ is for us always.

The journey of life and the relationship with the Spirit of the Most High is so that in our union with Him, we become as He is. In the process of becoming like Him, our unique identity will spring from His manifold nature and we also become partakers of His divine nature.


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