Surrendered Hearts

Where is your heart anchored?

Do you know that the things we set our hearts on are the places we anchor our hope? Meaning we surrender our heart to the things we trust in?

When the things we trust in are temporal, there is no grounded assurance. Assurance is found in the place of absolute safety and there is only one place, which is in the heart of the Father.

I discovered that from the time everything about me became all about Him, I haven’t found a better place to be than in the safety of His heart. This is the assurance I have, that He will allow nothing to snatch me from His hands and His heart.  How can I resist? And yet still, I haven’t quite given my all. I haven’t seen anyone who has as much as given their whole selves to God except for One who was the Son of God. I’m not just talking about giving the heart alone – He gave everything. He gave His heart, His body and His life.

A surrendered heart is a surrendered life.

We are considered selfish for yielding to the Father when we chase after His heart. Yet the truth is, it is not for my own benefit that I should yield whole heartedly to Him – it is for yours and for His names sake. The Son of God was not called to Himself, He was absolutely for the whole world. Though He was for the world, the world was against Him. His opposition however, did not prevent Him from yielding to the Father.

We continue to surrender to Him because we will find Him only when we seek Him with all our heart. Therefore surrendering is not a momentary part of our day, it must be constant.

We seek Him daily to find Him daily.

The journey in discovering Him does not lead to isolation. I have never come close enough to His heart and discovered that it was simply about me. The pursuit of the heart of God may require moments of withdrawal in order to pray, as Jesus Himself often did, but it is never to isolate because you will discover that though you come to Him concerning yourself, He often gives answers concerning others.

A selfish heart is unable to linger in His.

I discovered one of the beauties in surrendering our hearts to Him wholly is that, His heart is larger than life – no doubt. His heartbeat is the dynamic energy that compels us to pursue His will – a will devoid of selfish gains and ambitions.

In that moment of discovery you will also come to realise that life is about Him first before it is ever about us.


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