The Next Chapter

Whilst we were on stories and vows last week, I thought we should dwell on that analogy a little bit more this week. This time, we’re not leaving things to the imagination at our forever and ever. (Check out the link if you missed it). Unlike many fairy tales we’re looking at the events after forever and ever because that is where the story really begins to get exciting.

“In the beginning…” our story begun in the mouth and hands of an original Author.  It begun in His mouth because He spoke and it was so.  It begun in His hands because He said “let us make” and then He formed. He drew out a masterplan for life, outlined the plot, structured the chapters and prepared all the necessary requirements.

He was kind and gracious enough to give us a pen called ‘will’ so that we would write the story with Him.  Somehow though, we assumed the role of main character and therefore took control in order to continue writing our own story without Him and apart from Him.

Taking on the role of director and protagonist, the story of our life became hopeless as we did what was right in our own eyes and our enemy beat us down. The enemy took away the authority we had to resolve any conflict.

The original Author therefore stepped in once again and introduced His Protagonist, who fought with wisdom and took back the authority stolen from us.

The power and authority given to Him not only made Him incomparably and undeniably the suitable protagonist but He also took on the role of  Author and finisher of our life of faith once more.

The Protagonist now looked to us and said, “Without Me, you can do nothing.  If you abide in Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done for you.”

In writing our story we don’t ask the ultimate Author about the journey, the available tools, the helpers and the impact of our role.

Nevertheless, one of the most beautiful things the Author did was, He purposed and hid our life story within Himself, in order that we may come to Him and discover His original intent.  In Him you will ask and in Him you will discover.

The life originally purposed for you by the Master Author, must be sought for by you… if only you truly desire for it.



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