This Time I’ve Exposed My Heart

He is nearer than our soul yet appears further than the distant stars. He is submissive yet overly complicated by our perplexing intellect. He is humble in matters yet misunderstood in various ways. His love is rejected and easily forgotten yet He continues to pursue our hearts.

He knows us better and is far more intimate with our inner most being, more than we are familiar with our own selves. Our pain is His pain yet we selfishly consider Him apart from our sufferings. He shares in our pain and still endures the grief we press on Him through sin and disobedience.

His heart is rejected in respect of our ignorance and selfish desires to pursue what He has rather than His person. And yet still, His hands are always filled with unrepenting gifts.

His desire to bless us is far greater than our desire to pursue Him. He was first the gift before the gifts He carried. His heart is more beneficial than His nine gifts. His trust is seen through His endurance of sinful vessels in order that the will of God may be fulfilled.

His will is compromised through the hearts of all those whom He loves. His pain is never easily ours, for if we were to suffer a fraction of His grievances it would be uncomfortably unbearable. And so He carries the burden so that it will be light and breaks the yoke so that it will be easy for us.

He lacks trust from us because we haven’t quiet grasped that He was indeed the same power that rose Christ from the dead. He is humbled in bringing glory to Jesus Christ – never taking the glory for Himself. Although without Him, the dead Christ would have simply been a historic figure, passing away with time. Yet because of Him, Christ didn’t become history but rather the new life of promise for everybody who would come to believe in Him. Without Him there would have been no resurrection and yet still, He never brags. His name and identity has been associated with Christ and God. He is God, not lesser in any way or form.

I speak of Him who made man a living soul. I speak of the Breath of God which was given freely, however because we do not see yet continue to live, we’ve associated Him with a scientific force of nature called oxygen. If He was to withdraw Himself, the very air which we are so accustomed to would cease and thus every living thing on earth would fall dead in an instant.

He is the power of God mistaken for a big bang at the creation of the world. He is the Spirit of Jesus Christ enduring imprisonment in the core of earthen vessels called believers  – myself included. He is mighty yet humbled; all-powerful yet under control; sovereign yet living in the slums of our ever rotting sinful bodies which He calls a dwelling. We lock Him in the core of our heart, only to be exposed when the walls of our heart are broken by others.

His name is a picture of what we are to be. Carrying a holy Being means we must be holy as He is. Struggles with holiness will cease when we surrender wholly to Him – He knows all about holiness because He is holy.

He is the person of the Holy Spirit – the very core of my being.


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