Shedding light on truth

Truth must be present in order for a lie to be exposed. Where there is no truth, the people will believe the lie and walk in destructive error. Believe the lie and you are forfeiting power to the liar. Truth is never forced because there is far more power in it to liberate than the power of deception to imprison. Imprisonment becomes apparent when the gates of prison are broken and there is a release. With the release, there must be a ‘walk from lies’ to a ‘walk into truth’.

In that day you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Unless the truth is present, there is no setting free.

“Once upon a time I heard with my ears, but now my eyes have seen.”

Truth be told, yet it can be concentrated through the lips of earthen vessels. And so the truth had to be written first on the tablet of stone and then on the tablet of the heart.

The Giver of truth has an expanding heart which is able to reach to the darkest places of the human soul in order to shed the light of liberty.

Lies dwell in darkness but truth carries light. It was necessary that when truth came, grace had to accompany. After all, truth without grace can so easily enslave the hearer. The law was truth given on stone.

The law was true but it had no grace attached to it – “do this or suffer the consequences” – however as long as grace remains with truth, grace will abound much more where the truth of the law is weighty.

“Grace is poured upon His lips therefore God has blessed Him forever. He is forever prosperous because of truth.”

Every word that comes out of the mouth of God is true, for He hates a lying tongue.  What need is there for a lie except only to rob its hearers? The liar comes to steal first before he kills and destroys.

There is one truth currently present which is not from the mouth of men, but delivered from the very Spirit of truth. Is there anyone who seeks truth? You will seek and find when you seek with all your heart.

A heart that dwells in the light is aware of the power of truth. A heart that delights in darkness is not easily accustomed to the light of truth. A heart that dwells in the light of truth sees the source of its light on the horizon but darkness gives no picture of what lies ahead.

It was necessary that grace accompanied truth in order that truth presented without grace would be incomplete. By the presence of grace, there is a clear distinction between the partial and the complete truth.

Everybody wants the truth but not everybody is ready for the truth. Nevertheless, “those who hear will live. We need not that any should testify of Us, because Our testimony is true.”


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