Dwelling on Grace

There are two things about Jesus that are deeper than we could ever imagine.  Love is the first thing because undeniably, it is the basis of salvation. The second thing, is His grace.  The depth of His love is incomprehensible – the depth of His grace is immeasurable.

Discovering the grace of God, was one of the things that blew me away and continues to blow me away. His grace is like an ocean – it is only when you begin to sink deeper that you realise you drowned into arms of love and there was never a need to worry.

Nobody can fully explain the grace of God because it must be embraced through experience. In the experience you discover that grace is not a thing but rather a Person.  No, I’m not talking about a mum, aunty or sister. Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

I’ve learnt a lot about what grace is and what it is not.  The list is long and it extends everyday but here are five things I want to share about grace:

  • It enables
  • It liberates
  • It requires a constant possessing
  • It is not the license to sin – there is far more power in the grace of Jesus Christ to save than the washed-out efforts of sin to condemn.
  • It is not a license for passive faith

The fifth point continues to grow on me everyday and it is something I had to embrace over time. Grace does not mean, always sit back and wait for everything to be brought to you on a silver platter.  If that were the case, what need would there be for faith? 

Although the grace of God brings freedom, you are only able to tap into new measures of it by pursuing through faith. In pursuits of faith there MUST be encounters of hardship and difficulty. In such moments the discovery of the enabling power of the grace of God cannot be easily denied.  It brings out gratitude and strengthens your heart.

There will also be moments when there are no hardships and faith may not be tested however there still has to be a possessing of the grace of God.

Don’t wait until the difficult times in life before you feel the need for His grace. You have to posses it daily in the best times, the good times, the not-so-good times and in the most difficult times. Acknowledging the grace of God reveals the heart of the Father and His person. Exposure to His heart will create a deeper hunger to pursue Him more in order to accomplish His will in all circumstances.


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