Approval and Lilies

As the night breeze begins to chill more and more, I’m kind of dreading winter, as usual.  Really, I like winter but my skin totally disapproves it – it’s a battle. Hear me out on this.

As sin continues to enslave the hearts of humanity, perversion moulds into stranger things. And so sin continues to pour darkness that truth may be hidden. In this perversion love is given a new identity for the sake of our desires, but this identity falls short of the glory of God. It forms a void in our inner most parts. Be the most successful figure to walk on the face of the earth and that success will not fill the void. Muster confidence from all angles of life and still the void will not be filled. Acquire wealth and power but that’s never going to be enough.  So then what is enough to fill that gap?

Our chase for money, love, power and everything else is all because of one reason – APPROVAL! Come on, admit it.  That selfie, the latest style trend, the gossip, everything else – we want approval from friends, family and society. Why? I think it’s for one reason; to validate our purpose.  I know many who are convinced that God does not approve of them so they disapprove God. It’s true when you are in sin God does not approve, because sin covers you with filth and really, His holy nature cannot stand filth.  Ouch!

When Jesus Christ presented the Father, I soon realised that God does not approve sin and evil but the Father was willing to sacrifice His own Son on the cross so that I may be approved.  That’s pretty awesome!

Sin might pervert the truth but love covers a multitude of sin.

The Father does not approve sin but He approves you.  No really, you have His approval through Jesus Christ.  I studied media so I know a bit about Maslows hierarchy of needs. He points that our greatest need is the psychological, which includes air, water, food, that cup of Starbucks coffee, the chocolate fudge cake (Mmm yum!) – well of course we need those! I wonder what would happen if the ‘air’ on his list wasn’t free. Yet have you ever stopped to consider the lilies of the field – maybe? How they grow: never toiling nor spinning? You think the Father in heaven does not know we need all these things, even that cup of coffee?

Whilst the current system directs us to seek our psycological, selfish, sexual, safety needs – which are totally important – the Son of God said “seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added to you.”  Really?  It’s as though somehow in our pursuit of approval our priorities shift.

We can chase and acquire but the void in our souls will continue to expand. There is only one who can fill that void. One whose presence the world cannot contain. He is Truth and He is love. And through His Son, Jesus Christ, you can receive total approval.  His approval most certainly fills every void.



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