Presented with a Father: Exposure

Unlike any other book on earth, whenever we embrace the Bible the Author is very present whether we are aware or not.  There is a moment in life where the truth will be presented to all who walk on the face of the earth.  At that moment it will be the individual in whatever state they are in, staring in the face of truth. It will be the truth of the greatest rescue mission ever carried out.

Because of one mans disobedience humanity is having to pay the price as slaves of Gods enemy Satan. The pain, the grief, the bitterness, guilt and danger are all troubles that fill our soul, eating from the depths of our very being, drawing us nearer to the grave. Because of one mans disobedience the world is full of troubles. Creation was separated from Creator.  The offence was foolish and the consequence was great. The consequence was great but the redemption was greater.  Through one Man’s righteous act, the free gift of salvation has come to all mankind, inviting creation into a glorious eternal union with the Creator.   

The mind knows about God but the heart must be opened to discover the Father through Jesus Christ.  The mind can easily reject God but the heart exposed to the Father hungers deeply for Him.  The mind religiously rejects the concept of God being a Father figure but the heart of the Father reaches out to engrave on the hearts of man, a love which is illogical and impossible to let go of.  The mind accepts God as a dreadful Being who can only be worshipped religiously from afar but the heart seeks to relate to God liberally beyond the boundaries of religion and its impossible requirements.  The Father is searching for hardened hearts to liberate from sin and death.

For this reason Jesus Christ came and when He presented the heart of a Father who was willing to extend His grace, love and mercy to mankind, religion crucified Him.  “This Man blasphemes!” They said.  Why would God choose to have compassion on sinful men when clearly He destroys sinful and lawless people? And yet had they known the glory which was ahead of Him, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory.

Come to God and you will be bound by religious laws. Come to a Father and you will be forever liberated through His Spirit. God is sovereign. The Father’s heart is compassionate and merciful towards His sons and all orphaned children. God is a judge of lawlessness. The Father reaches out in grace to reason with sinful men that they may turn from wickedness.  And so He gave a door through which to enter into that liberty of union with Him. Jesus Christ is the way to the Father, the only truth of this world, and the only life worth living.

Within the pages of the demonstration of an all-powerful God, we become extremely clouded with ourselves and our own judgment of Him that we misunderstand Him. After all, sin makes conscious of self whilst weaving the character and administration of a loving Father into a dreaded judgemental figure.  There is non holy.  The heart of the Father was exposed even in times of wrath when mankind was at its lowest in sin.  In that exposure was an unconditional love called Jesus Christ the Messiah.  

And so “I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.”



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