Hype and Hyper

Pokemon Go came out the beginning of this month and the hype was fun to watch and read about. It got me thinking about a lot of things but mostly it got me thinking about Jesus Christ, His birth, His short life on earth, His death, His resurrection, His church and His second coming.

Almost everybody in the world has heard something about Jesus Christ one way or another. Whether it is testifying or simply blasphemous all that Jesus hype, it’s pretty incredible. So many people have crossed the face of the earth, come into great rulership and power, conquered territories; others have invented some pretty amazing stuff; others have started crazy movements etc but most are either long forgotten or they simply fade away.   And yet, here is a Man whom the world cannot seem to erase from the face of the earth. He claims to be God – no I’m not talking about Kanye West. He is Jesus Christ, and unlike any other, His claims are true.

Like Pokemon Go, things come and excite people and everybody tries to find out what the hype is about. Curiosity, excitement or simply escapism heightens the hype.  But Jesus Christ wasn’t a temporal hype. Up to date His fame continues. Why is that? Simple. He’s not a man made idea. Yes He’s not popular in certain circles but that doesn’t change Him. He’s not understood but that doesn’t affect Him. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Looking at the life of Jesus Christ, He was born and His birth shifted the flow of His generation. He grew up and that really messed up traditional concept of God and religion, He died and people thought that was the end of Him, He rose from the dead and continued what He begun at a much greater scale through other people. Others who did not understand tried to silence the people He worked through because they assumed it was another one of those people hypes, but they couldn’t. And today Jesus Christ continues to do what He begun thousands of years ago. His hype is still hyper than everything. And this hype will continue infinitely forever! Let all things pass away but Christ will forever remain. Let lies be told about Him but He will forever remain true. Let religion mould His loving character into a judgemental God but He will never cease to love. Why? Because He is above everything; above excitement; above emotions; above every hype; above life.

The difference between the Jesus of men and the Jesus Christ of God is that the Jesus of men wants to be understood however as the Son of God He was never concerned with meeting the standards of men but rather the standards of the Father.

As the Son of God He was always misunderstood. God is always misunderstood because He is infinitely omnipotent and beyond human logic. Bringing Him down to our level when we can’t fathom His ways only alters His original intent in order to validate our own intellect. However validating our intellect only puffs us up but it neither affects nor change the original truth in any way or form.

Let Christ be true and every man a liar. Trying to understand God is a futile effort. He is to be embraced in faith and confidence. Christ saw mankind through eyes of pure love and decided to come redeem us to a more loving Father. A love that stretches beyond the boundaries of time which we will never be able to fully grasp the depths of. A love so deep, He could only demonstrate through death because words were not enough to prove. The best part about His love towards us is that it renews every morning.  There are no last night’s leftover affections but fresh and more pressing from a God who is willing to die for us even when we constantly choose to reject Him.

Jesus Christ is always ready to embrace us before we are. And thus coming to Him, we discover that His hands were wide open with love and joy to receive into the warmness of His heart every soul that seeks to find Him. His love will never fail in this world where everything else seems to fail. Like Pokemon Go, I pray that the map of your heart will lead you to a rare discovery – the discovery of One who is waiting and willing to wait longer to be discovered by you.



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