I love 3D designs and artwork. I think they are amazing!  When I chose to study architecture at the age of 18 I knew zero to very little about it. It sounds crazy but the decision came in a day of creating a paper model of a pavilion. I remember that moment when I finished the model, styled it up in the light studio and took hundreds of photographs of it, the only thing that went through my mind was “this model is the best in the whole class.” It really wasn’t. But the achievement made me feel on top of the world and that feeling compelled me to change my career path which at the time was steering toward fashion into architecture in a day. Imagine building your university portfolio because you’ve passed the long and tiring process of the online application part so you think everything is going to be okay from there. Well I had about a week to change my fashion looking portfolio to architecture in order to convince my interviewer that I was indeed applying to the right course and I wasn’t going to drop out. Piece of cake right?

Well, eight years later and I think that was one of the best decisions I ever made. I went from knowing nothing to having a distinction in Master of Architecture. That’s crazy! I barely managed to get Cs in GCSE which I studied so hard for.

So why am I bringing this up? It’s simple really.  Faith and Spontaneity.  We calculate too much. We spend so much time analysing, trying to understand, trying to know what, trying to know why because that’s what we’ve been taught. But what about spontaneity? What about faith? Moving without knowing the details?  I believe in prayer 100%. But I also believe in challenging a certain someone who told me He is God. Because let’s be honest, it’s a pretty big deal if you claim to be God. Right? I can’t even begin to imagine the weightiness of that claim – expectations will be totally off the charts.

Only the one who actually is God can handle that weight and what challenges Him as God? Faith. When my hebrew brother said “without faith it is impossible to please God”, he wasn’t kidding. Faith doesn’t follow logic. Faith goes for it. Faith doesn’t calculate. Faith is crazy spontaneous. Faith is a mysterious substance we will never find on the periodic table. It lays aside logic in order to discover new things.

This is what the journey with Jesus Christ is like. It’s a journey of adventure and discovery. If it’s not adventurous then you think you know Him; you fall into a religious trap and you miss Him completely.  But that’s not what He wants because religious people are stiff! Come on lets be honest now.  Jesus messed up the religious mindset of who God should be, what He should be like and proved to be far too exciting for religion.  So lets explore Jesus Christ and everything will be awesome!!

Remember what I told you about getting a distinction for my Masters? What if I told you that I didn’t get a distinction because I knew a lot. No. Even after five years in school of architecture, I know very little about architecture. But I got a distinction because I was not afraid to explore something I didn’t fully understand.  I learnt that wise people are not always the ones who know it all.  The wise at heart are not afraid to lay aside what they think they know in order to discover something new.

You don’t have to understand Jesus Christ. He is for us to enjoy and explore. And because He is light, and there is no evil in Him, you can guarantee that there will be no nasty surprises but all too exciting.



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  1. Ammmmmazing!! When we decide to not follow the patterns of this world and have Faith,trusting that He is God and God alone, mind blowing things occur!!!. God Richly Bless you dear xx

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